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My name is Laura.

I am in my late twenties. I live in Austin, Texas, with my new-ish husband Kevin, and our pets Hazel, Wink and Lennie Briscoe. I enjoy college sports (particularly my Jayhawks), old movies, popcorn, outdoor dining, Scrabble, bourbon, pretzels, bad reality television, and the Chicago Blackhawks. I'm learning to be a better cook.

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Last picture on my phone: I mean, this new Mac sleeve from my new job is pretty adorable, right?

  3. I bought two sweaters from Boden (thanks to Sara Z) and they are adorable. But why did I buy sweaters when it’s going to be 100+ degrees for the next four months because I live in Austin? The world may never know.
  4. Lease is signed. House is ours as of September 21st. You guys. Yard. Yard. YARD. YAAAAAAAAARD.
  5. I’ve only ever seen one episode of The Simpsons so my control-freak friend Ryan put together a list of 20 episodes to DVR during the Every Simpsons Ever marathon below. This is what I’ll be doing during the four days between jobs. Let the games begin.

I’ve gone a little silent on here for a bit since returning from Europe because I’ve had a lot of (good things) happening in my life. 

Most notably, I’m taking a new job at a company called Spredfast. I’m excited about the company and the opportunities I’ll have there. I’m going to be working on the marketing team for the company, which means I’ll actually be brand side instead of agency/managing clients and that is something I’m really looking forward to doing. My last day at my current company will be this Friday, and I’ll start at Spredfast next week. Boom.

Also, also notable, Kevin and I are signing a lease on a house tomorrow. Square footage-wise, it is a bit smaller than our current apartment BUT it is a house with a yard and washer and dryer hookups. We won’t have to deal with dicks running around our complex with their dogs off-leash and pooping, and we won’t have to deal with the “laundry facility” (four washer and dryers for about 60 people, and they never work properly). It also has an outdoor storage space (and storage accounts for a lot of our current sq. footage) where Kevin can brew beer and where I can put a bunch of crap. Bonus: it costs the same as our current apartment so we basically get a lot of benefits for the same price and can continue saving to buy a house in the future.

Damn guys. Damn.

To everyone who likes arguing with me about the gender gap in pay, eat this.


Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart Will Go On’ classic is immortalized as you’ve never seen it before on a t-shirt with the classic hard rock combo of skulls, fire and satanic symbolism.  AVAILABLE HERE

I’d wear this.

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My other blog (Late to the Movies) is back and redesigned. I hope you enjoy it!

Sometimes our country really scares me.

Celebrating my favorite husband’s birthday this weekend with:

  • Trips to two record stores
  • A brand new receiver (so our record player finally works again!)
  • Tacos
  • Barbecue
  • Cupcakes
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Beer at Whip In

I’m benefitting from this birthday as much as I possibly can. Happy birthday, sweet guy!

This is why I love volunteering at Austin Pets Alive. Creative people who love dogs as much as I do. This is the best dog bio ever ever ever.

Last weekend I was hanging out at a friend’s house, drinking wine. A few people came over around 1:00 am, including a male friend of her’s who was wearing a Kimono-like garment. Within twenty minutes of meeting him, he took off his pants to show everyone his tattoo— Andrew Jackson wearing a Native American headdress.