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My name is Laura.

I am in my late twenties. I live in Austin, Texas, with my new-ish husband Kevin, and our pets Hazel, Wink and Lennie Briscoe. I enjoy college sports (particularly my Jayhawks), old movies, popcorn, outdoor dining, Scrabble, bourbon, pretzels, bad reality television, and the Chicago Blackhawks. I'm learning to be a better cook.

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Our boys never gave up! What a game!

Greatest game.

Kevin and I saw The War on Drugs last night at Stubb’s. That was one of my most favorite shows I’ve seen in Austin. So good.

Song of the day: The War on Drugs - Red Eyes



Kansas City forever.

An interesting read about the life of an agency, as a follow up to a question Digiday asked about “why agency people are unhappy”. Certainly some agencies and their people are happier than others, but most of this applies (and I feel like I can say that, having worked at three different agencies with varying levels of happiness). I think people who are submitting thoughts fail to mention that people who are unhappy feed off of each other, so if a few people are unhappy it rubs off on the rest.

I’m not saying agency life is bad, again it varies, but a lot of these complaints I experienced (or witnessed other people experiencing firsthand).

No big deal, just finding a way to work Leslie Knope into an important work presentation. 

Sweet dreams.

Spotted (by Kevin) on the UT Campus

If being a therapy dog doesn’t work out for Hazel, I think I might try to enter her for America’s Next Top Model.

If being a therapy dog doesn’t work out for Hazel, I think I might try to enter her for America’s Next Top Model.

And I have learned that I need to learn to chill a little. I started to get stressed about the fact that I’m not stressed enough (or as stressed as I’m used to being). That’s pretty sick.

Leslie: I started watching Friday Night Lights. I’m so excited.

Me: Yay!

Leslie: I hung out with Zach Gilford in college, he was so cute.

Of course she did. My celebrity stories are always, oh yeah when I saw 16 I saw the Barenaked Ladies and screamed at them about how much I hated Canada. Her’s are always, oh yeah I sat next to David Cross at [fill-in-the-blank] event and also [such-n-such big name comedian] told me I should really get back into stand-up.